ASPE Announces Intent to Reaffirm Sustainable Management Standard

WQA/ASPE S-801: Sustainable Management was first published in 2015 by the Water Quality Association and ASPE. The two organizations have announced their intent to reaffirm the standard in its entirety.

WQA/ASPE S-801 includes attributes, criteria, and metrics that are being used to assess the sustainable management practices and performance of manufacturers, as well as component and material suppliers, that are seeking to obtain certification to applicable WQA sustainable product standards. Policies, programs, objectives and targets should apply to the entire production facility subject to review under this standard. For criteria that reference products, it is understood that the applicable products are limited to those submitted for certification under the applicable product standard(s), unless otherwise specified in the specific criterion.

WQA partnered with ASPE and PE International Inc. to assemble a team of manufacturers, component suppliers, industry experts, and other key stakeholders, tasked with the development of a series of voluntary product sustainability certification standards for the water products industry, in order to improve the overall sustainability of this sector. This standard is one of a suite of standards for water contact products. The overall goal of these standards is to provide meaningful product sustainability performance information to consumers and stakeholders and to drive innovation and continual improvement in the sustainability performance of these products.

For more information or to comment on this action, contact ASPE Director of Publications and Standards, Gretchen Pienta, at [email protected] by December 13, 2020.

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