A. O. Smith Introduces the Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater

Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water HeaterA. O. Smith, a leader in water heating and water treatment solutions, announces the launch of the Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater (HPWH), further strengthening A. O. Smith’s current portfolio of commercial high-efficiency products. Raising the bar on energy efficiency and simplifying installation and operation, the Emerge X HPWH delivers exceptional savings and reliable hot water for high-demand commercial applications.

Featuring patented technology, the Emerge X HPWH optimizes heat transfer and minimizes emissions, making it both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. To make installation easier for contractors, there is no need for specialized equipment. The control box can be installed separately from the tanks and heat pump units, providing further flexibility. Additionally, the user-friendly control panel makes it easy for users to adjust settings and monitor performance. It also enhances connectivity for facility managers, allowing them to integrate up to 64 heat pumps.

“As more regulations take effect and customer demand increases, heat pump water heaters continue to play a major role in meeting decarbonization goals,” said Matt Baranuk, Segment Development Leader for Commercial Products at A. O. Smith. “We know more customers are actively seeking high-efficiency, eco-friendly products, so we’re thrilled to officially introduce the Emerge X heat pump water heater. This product highlights our commitment to product innovation and sustainable solutions.”

To provide superior installation flexibility, multiple Emerge X heat pumps can be banked together—ensuring ample hot water supply, built-in redundancy, and capacity matching for larger commercial water heater demands. The unit’s competitive footprint and modular design allow for versatile application in healthcare, fitness clubs, multifamily, and other commercial buildings, aligning with recent regulations promoting high-efficiency heat pumps.

The Emerge X HPWH features the industry’s only ECM variable-speed pump found in a heat pump water heater, ensuring precise control, higher efficiency, and reduced noise levels. The unit is also one of the only commercial heat pumps on the market that operates efficiently in below-freezing temperatures, due to its innovative reversing defrost cycle that minimizes defrost time and maximizes efficiency.

To further A. O. Smith’s sustainability efforts, the Emerge X HPWH utilizes a low Global Warming Potential Refrigerant (R513A). When paired with a storage tank, the system works seamlessly to further optimize system efficiency.

To learn more about the Emerge X Air Source Heat Pump Water Heater and A. O. Smith’s full suite of offerings, visit hotwater.com.

Source: A. O. Smith

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