World Plumbing Day Poster Contest

ASPE is joining the World Plumbing Council (WPC) in celebrating World Plumbing Day 2014 with an ASPE World Plumbing Day Poster Contest to help get your children or grandchildren excited about plumbing engineering/design and possibly win cash prizes for themselves and their school. 

Who's Eligible?

  • Children/grandchildren of ASPE members who are students in grades 1 through 5 (generally ages 5 through 10)

Poster Criteria

  • Posters must have the words “World Plumbing Day” and the date March 11, 2014 incorporated into the design.
  • Poster design must depict the role plumbing engineering/design plays in protecting the public's health and safety.
  • The poster must be on a standard size sheet of paper, such as A4 size paper or letterhead.


Posters will be assessed based on how well the design depicts the role plumbing engineering/design plays in protecting public health and safety, rather than on artistic merit alone.


The winning ASPE posters will receive the following: 

  • 1st Prize: $1,000 to the student's school and $100 to the student
  • 2nd Prize: $500 to the student's school and $50 to the student
  • 3rd Prize: $250 to the student's school and $25 to the student

In addition, the winning posters will be prominently displayed on the ASPE website and at the 2014 ASPE Convention & Exposition being held in Chicago on September 20-24. An article will also be published in the official ASPE magazine, Plumbing Engineer, recognizing the winners and their poster designs.* If requested by the winning student’s school, a representative of ASPE will come to the school to present the award and also provide a brief presentation about World Plumbing Day and the importance of plumbing engineering and design in protecting public health and safety.

Finally, all posters submitted to ASPE will be automatically entered in the international WPC poster event. The monetary prizes associated with the WPC competition are identical and in addition to the ASPE monetary prizes.


World Plumbing Council Poster Contest


Submittal Information

The deadline to submit a poster is March 30, 2014.

Send the original poster to:
ASPE World Plumbing Day Poster Contest
6400 Shafer Court, Suite 350
Rosemont, IL 60018

You also can scan the poster and e-mail it to


Include full contact information for the poster designer, including their school name, your name, and your ASPE membership number on the back of the poster or in the e-mail.

Local Community Celebrates World Plumbing Day Through Poster Contest
Brunswick, Ohio children are participating in the World Plumbing Day Poster Contest, as noted in this article by ASPE member Rich Prospal.


*ASPE reserves the right to use the submitted poster designs in any other way deemed suitable and necessary to promote World Plumbing Day in the future.