Wastewater Reuse Webinar


Wastewater Reuse Technically Speaking:
Water, Design and Cost Analysis


Earn Continuing Education Credits: This one-hour contact program provides 0.1 CEU or 1.0 PDH.


This one-hour webinar will provide technical insight into world of wastewater reuse at the building scale. Participants will gain thorough understanding of the many steps required to successfully design a greywater or blackwater reuse scheme. Introductory and macro topics on the subject will not be addressed. Alternatively, mock projects will be utilized to offer participants practical experience which can be applied to project work. Topics covered will include:

  • Water Balance
    • Identify greywater supply volume, blackwater supply volume and non-potable demand by looking at fixture flows, occupancy estimates and estimated daily uses.
  • System Sizing
    • Explore the different factors for sizing a system and size a system to meet project needs.
  • Water Savings
    • Demonstrate how to take water balance and system sizing data to calculate daily and annual water savings for greywater and/or blackwater recycling.
  • Design Considerations
    • Identify and discuss static design characteristics such as space considerations for treatment system, buffer and storage tanks (also proper sizing of storage tanks), potable water back-up, wastewater overflows and coexistence with rainwater or stormwater recycling.
  • Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)
    • Economic evaluation of installing and operating a greywater or blackwater recycling scheme.


About the Speaker: Mark Meredith - Product Manager, Aquacell

As Product Manager at PHOENIX Process Equipment Co., Mark has been leading Aquacell in the U.S. since its introduction to the market in 2010. Pulling from 10+ years in policy and consulting, Mark oversees U.S. sales, marketing, policy and project management for Aquacell’s turn-key solution for onsite greywater and blackwater reuse. He frequently contributes to the evolution of onsite wastewater reuse in the U.S. by conducting educational seminars and speaking at conferences and events. Prior to taking on Aquacell, Mark held several positions in the federal government, including the U.S. Senate and most recently as a Policy Advisor at the U.S. Department of Commerce where he helped develop national policy for economic development. Mark has also worked as a consultant to start-up’s and SBE’s on marketing, finance and growth strategies.


Mark frequently speaks at ASPE meetings nationwide and recently participated in the 2011 Technical Symposium, co-presenting on the subject of onsite wastewater reuse.


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Original air date: April 25, 2012.

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