Roof Drains Webinar

2017 Webinar Series
Roof Drains - The Hole Story
Original air date: March 8, 2017
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The roof drain being a crossover fixture (architectural and engineering) has caused many issues over the last hundred years. Now with the roof drain flow testing requirement everyone is being told different stories as what to expect or why it won’t work. It is not as complicated as some want you to believe. This one-hour webinar will help you understand how to avoid the problems in design and to understand what flow testing means to you.

Content Outline:

  • Roof drain design issues
  • Roof drain installation issues
  • Flow test review and clarifications
  • Code and standards
  • Green roof designs
  • Siphonic roof drain 

Learning Objectives include:

  • Better understanding of a roof drain from the architectural/roofing point of view
  • Understanding the important design issues of roof drains
  • Understanding roofing material design details that can greatly impact your liability
  • How to install a drain to minimize ponding and reduce maintenance
  • Clear up the confusion with the new roof drain flow testing requirements
  • Updates on the A112.6.4 coming revision
  • Gain a better understanding of green roof designs


The Presenters: Craig J. Froeter

Craig was a roofing contractor for 25 years working with all types of materials and applications. He also spent time analyzing drainage problems with roof drains. He is the founder of Froet industries and the inventor of the Bi-functional roof drain. He also has three additional US patents. He brings a unique prospective to solve problems with roof drains. He is also on the working committee of the ASME A112.6.4 Standard and was on the working committee for the ASPE/IAPMO Z1034 Standard. He has been involved in flow testing roof drains for the past 11 years.

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