ASPE Committees A to Z: Education Committee

The next APE committee we will look at is the Education Committee. As we have been saying in our series on ASPE Committees, we are always looking for members to join our committees and to participate in the different programs, processes, and governance of ASPE.

Here is the Education Committee at a glance:


Article 10.10 of ASPE’s Bylaws states that the Education Committee shall include members representing each ASPE Region and shall formulate a curriculum and other educational programs of the Society. The Education Committee shall also take responsibility for the educational programs for the Convention and Tech Symposium.

Page 8.4 of ASPE’s P&O Manual says the purpose of the Education Committee is to formulate a curriculum for educational programs that are presented at the biennial Tech Symposium and Convention. In addition, they shall develop technical topics for all educational programs for the Society.

The Committee is comprised of the Chair, Society Vice President, Education, Society Manager of Education & Certification, Tech Symposium Chairs, Convention Chairs, and at least one member representing each of  ASPE’s Regions. The Society’s Executive Director/CEO shall serve as an advisor to the committee.

The Education Committee shall:

  • Assist in the development of educational programs
  • Assist in establishing plumbing engineering course outlines

The Education Committee shall review:

  • Educational issues of concern and bring them to the attention of the Society Board of Directors
  • Educational programs and seminars

The Education Committee shall assist the Society’s Vice President, Education and the Society Board of Directors in formulating short- and long-range educational planning for the Society. The Committee shall call upon recognized professional educators and technical advisors as necessary to meet the committee’s goals and objectives.

  • The Education Committee shall meet via conference call quarterly and annually at the Convention and Tech Symposium.
  • Policies and directives issued by the Education Committee shall be in writing, to the Society President and the Society Board of Directors. The Society Board of Directors shall determine which policies and directives should be implemented, published, or issued.
  • The committee shall act as an educational resource for the Society’s Vice President, Education,  Education Council, and Manager of Education & Certification.
  • The chair of the committee shall report to the ASPE Board of Directors and the Education Council at each biennial Convention.

How does the committee benefit or advance ASPE?

Education is the bedrock of ASPE and how we can best benefit our membership and create long-lasting engagement. The world is constantly changing, and our members rely on us along with our Affiliate Partners to keep them informed of new technologies and design solutions. We deliver this to our members at the Convention and Symposium, along with webinars and many other opportunities.

Can you share something exciting that your committee is working on now or has worked on recently?

The committee just finished reviewing technical session submissions for the upcoming Convention in Columbus! We received more than 70 submissions and are very excited to offer another year of exciting and informative presentations and technical sessions, along with a very packed Expo floor! Earlier this year, the committee also reviewed the applications for the Alfred Steele Scholarship and selected winners. Be on the lookout for an announcement in ASPE Pipeline!

Why should an ASPE member want to join your committee? What would you say to an ASPE member to entice them to join the committee?

The Education Committee is full of members who have a passion for education and helping others learn. Our committee members are directly responsible for ensuring that our Society continues to fulfill our mission of putting education at the heart of everything we do.

If you want to apply to become the newest member of the Education Committee, you need to first fill out the application.

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