ASPE VP Education Newsletter


ASPE Education Newsletter
From Mitchell J. Clemente, CPD, Vice President Education
Board of Director’s Meeting…

The Board of Directors along with our new Executive Director, Jim Kendzel will be getting together next weekend for our first official meeting as a group in Chicago. 
I am looking forward to working with the new Board and am anxious to hear what ideas our new Executive Director has for leading ASPE into the future.
I have already been in contact with Cliff Reis, Society Director of Education and Scott Steindler, Education Chair who have both brought me up to speed on the current educational projects. I am prepared to present the state of the educational programs to the Board along with some new ideas for the future.
The meeting is my opportunity to discuss the educational programs with the Board and to get their feedback regarding future educational programs.


I am always open to your suggestions for how Society can better serve you, so please continue to pass along your ideas.   You do have a voice and I am prepared to present your ideas to the entire Board. 
CPD Exam…
Registration for the next Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) exam is open. The exam will be offered in electronic format on April 15 or April 16 at 200 testing facilities across the country. Those who take and pass the test will be recognized as an expert in the plumbing engineering field.
Please make sure your members know about the exam and have them check out the ASPE website for more information. 
Solar Thermal Technology Webinar…
The first webinar of 2011 is almost upon us. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, January 26 and will give participants a better understanding of solar thermal technology. The webinar starts at 1 PM Central Standard Time and will be presented by Adam Stier of The Jomar Group of Evosolar. Check out the ASPE website for more information on the webinar.
Waiver of Compassion…
ASPE is offering a waiver of compassion for those members who are having financial difficulties. 
There is a confidential program in place to help them maintain their membership while they get through these tough economic times. 
If you or any of your members is in this situation, please contact Stacey Kidd, our Membership Director at 847-296-0002 to see how ASPE can help you.
Alfred Steele Scholarship…
The deadline for the Alfred Steele Scholarship is January 31st. ASPE is offering $3,000 to qualified applicants. There has been limited participation in this program in the past so I am encouraging you to let your members know about this program ASAP. 
The scholarship is limited to ASPE members and their immediate families who have a GPA of 3.0 or higher and who are enrolled in or plan to enroll in an engineering program at a college, university, or technical school on a full-time basis. Please visit the ASPE website for more information.
Engineers Week…
The week of February 20th through February 26th is designated as Engineers Week this year. While this is the time to recognize engineers in our field, it is also our time to share what we do on a daily basis with those students who will one day be working alongside us helping design and engineer systems in the future.
ASPE fully supports Engineers Week and I am asking that you consider getting involved this year. 
This is your opportunity to reach out to middle school, high school and college students to enlighten them about a career in plumbing engineering.
ASPE has prepared a PowerPoint presentation which shows basic plumbing engineering and design information and provides for some interaction with the students. There is also a demonstration video available of a waterless urinal. If you need assistance with scheduling time at a school, ASPE is available to help.
If you are interested in speaking with the engineers of tomorrow and showing them what plumbing design and engineering is all about, please contact Pam Newman, our Education Program Coordinator via email at or give her a call at 847-296-0002.
·         Call for papers - ASPE is accepting submissions from anyone who is interested in presenting a technical session at the Symposium in Orlando, FL. Submissions must be received by April 1st, 2011.
To be considered, you must submit your contact information along with a brief professional biography including a description of the topic and an idea of what would be contained in the presentation.
Please contact Cliff Reis, our Director of Education with any questions. He can be reached via phone at 847- 296-0002 or via email at:
·         Please complete the Chapter Program Evaluation Form after every technical session and email it to Pam Newman, Education Program Coordinator. Pam’s email address is
·         A Fuel Gas, Sanitary Drainage and Venting PowerPoint Educational Programs are available for Chapters to purchase on the ASPE website. Just look in the Officers section under the Membership tab. Each program is available for $500 and is complete with a quiz at the end of the session.
Final Thoughts…
I would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous new year one more time!  We certainly could all use a boost in the economy and hopefully a boost in ASPE membership. 
Here’s also to a renewed interest in ASPE for this upcoming year.
Contact Information…
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions concerning education or any other issue regarding Society, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can reach me at:
Mitch Clemente, CPD
Westlake Reed Leskosky
925 Euclid Avenue, Suite 1900
Cleveland, OH 44115
Phone: 216-522-1350