Liquid Nitrogen

How do you pipe liquid nitrogen, and how do you size that pipe? Does anyone know where I might find this information?



Usually this kind of system is piped in vacuum jacketed type piping systems. Pretty specialized, most of these manufactureres will be able to help you with the specifics of there respective piping configurations. I use to do quite a bit of LN2 piping back in the old days of the semiconductor heyday. You were looking at phase separatiors, vacuum generators, bayonet fittings, stainless steel double pipe systems, etc....

Anyway, if your still looking for this information send me an email :?:

Yeah, I've learned alot about it since I originally posted my question. We sent to project out over a month ago, but our design was very basic. The facility only has (1) main LN storage tank and (1) dewer inside the embryology lab. We're just running (1) eight foot long flexible vacuum insulated hose from the main tank to the dewer.

Thanks for your reply.