Biological Decontamination Showers

Has anyone seen any design criteria on what type of shower and flow rates to use for for a decontamination room where biological contaminates may be found.

I was looking for the same information myself recently. I was unable to find anything either. I'll be watching here for some insight also.

There is very limited info out there. But NFPA just issued a few new Chapters that address Hazmat. They are NFPA 471, 472 & 473. If you are a member of NFPA you can also get a copy of the NFPA Journal article from March/April, 200 titled "Decontamination Design".

These sources do not specifically address flow rates but are decent resourse for general guidelines.

Hope this helps

Joe Ficek, CPD

The flow rates and water temperatures for emergency showers would be a good starting place. Possible orgs to check: NFPA standards, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, FEMA...

Try calling on our friends with Haws (or Bradley or your favorite emergency shower vendor), I've had good luck with Haws in the past with some very specific issues relating to emergency showers. There engineering department is top notch (and I don't even work for them ). Anyway, good luck.

I am glad to see this question posed in this forum. I am also researching the design parameters for a decontamination shower. There is much information on the topic, but mostly white papers and studies, no design criteria. In my research, the emergency shower manufacturers typically have not dealt with decon showers, so they haven't been able to provide much information. The NFPA standards mentioned above are unfortunately checklists of sorts for first-responders and municipalities, again no design criteria.

There is one ray of hope: ANSI has developed a new standard recently, ANSI/ISEA 113-2008, which apparently has design criteria for decon showers. I am still anxiously waiting for my office to purchase the standard, so if anyone can get their hands on it sooner, please share what you know. Thanks.