Illustrated Plumbing Codes Design Handbook

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Have you ever struggled to translate the International Plumbing Code or Uniform Plumbing Code into real-world designs? Struggle no more! ASPE’s new Illustrated Plumbing Codes Design Handbook takes the guesswork out of plumbing system design.

Please Note: There is an Electronic Download (PDF) version available here.

It features:

· a breakdown of the two major model plumbing codes by topic

· CAD drawings on every page illustrating code requirements

· 500 pages of helpful commentary and interpretation of the codes

· a CD-ROM containing all of the CAD drawings for use in your designs

The CD is no longer available. The files can be downloaded by clicking here.


Topics covered include backflow prevention, building drain and sewer systems, circuit, common, and individual venting, indirect and special waste, single-stack and Sovent venting, stack vents and vent stacks, combination waste and vent, horizontal and vertical stacks, air-admittance valves, fixture spacing, and more!

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