Domestic Water Heating Design Manual - 2nd Edition

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How do you size and design a domestic water heating system? What are the critical questions to ask your client?

Are there regional considerations and demographic factors that should be taken into account?

Until now, plumbing engineers have had to base their answers to such questions on personal experience and training, and making reference to many often–conflicting sources of information. This lack of professional consensus makes it difficult for one plumbing engineer to evaluate the work of another and has, at times, made it hard for the designer of a system to justify his or her work to a client.

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The Domestic Water Heating Design Manual addresses the need for standard, rational methodologies in the field of plumbing engineering. Written and extensively reviewed by plumbing engineers and designers, this book is the most comprehensive guide to the sizing and design of domestic water heating systems. It offers a rational approach to the design of cost– and energy–efficient systems for a wide variety of uses and building types. This Manual, a publication of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, presents the most up–to–date knowledge and information on topics such as:

  • Calculating demand
  • Sizing systems
  • Regional factors
  • Health considerations
  • Balancing needs and costs
  • System components

This secondg edition of the Domestic Water Heating Design Manual continues the effort toward establishing comprehensive guidelines for the design of domestic water heating systems. (Future editions of the Manual are expected to include chapters on one– and two–family dwellings, dormitories, office buildings, colleges, health clubs, food–service facilities and sports arenas.) As the only plumbing engineering manual of its scope available, this Manual is an essential reference for all those involved in sizing, selecting and designing domestic water heating systems -- consulting engineers, designers and contractors -- as well as those in governmental and private agencies responsible for setting standards.

Table of Contents
Section 1
System Sizing
  1. Fundamentals of Domestic Water Heating
  2. Multi–family Buildings
  3. Dormitories
  4. Elementary and Secondary Schools
  5. Hotels and Motels
  6. Hospitals
  7. Spas, Pools, Health Clubs and Athletic Centers
  8. Nursing/Intermediate Care and Retirement Homes
  9. Jail and Prison Housing Units
  10. Industrial Facilities
  11. Sports Arenas and Stadiums
  12. Laundries
  13. Miscellaneous

Section 2

  1. Recirculating Domestic Hot Water Systems
  2. Self–Regulating Heat Trace Systems
  3. Heat Exchangers
  4. Indirect Fired Water Heaters
  5. Electric Water Heaters -- Storage and Booster
  6. Gas Water Heater -- Instantaneous, with Separate Tanks
  7. Gas Water Heaters -- Storage
  8. Heat Pump Water Heaters
  9. Steam Water Heaters
  10. Expansion Tanks

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