ASPE Congratulates the New CPDs

<p>Those who passed this year's Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) examination join the ranks of outstanding professionals with advanced skills in the design and specification of plumbing systems. &nbsp;</p>

Congratulations New CPDs!

ASPE would like to recognize and congratulate the following for achieving the Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) designation by passing this year’s examination!  They have joined the ranks of outstanding professionals with advanced skills in the design and specification of plumbing systems. For more information on the CPD program, visit

Atlanta Chapter
Adam James Murietta, CPD
Harry J. Schnirring, PE, CPD

Baltimore Chapter

Adam Thomas Rickey, PE, CPD
Charles James Swope, PE, CPD
Boston Chapter

Leland Bramer, CPD

Greg Campbell, CPD

Patrick Francis Hart, CPD

Anthony J. Petrillo, CPD

Adriana C. Rodriguez, CPD, LEED AP

Derek L. Sylvia, CPD, CET

Buffalo-Niagara Chapter

Gerald M. May, CPD

Anthony Adam DiMascio, CPD

Central Florida Chapter

John Rivada Miranda Jr., CPD

Central Ohio Chapter

Corey Anderson, CPD

Central Texas Chapter

Quang Huu Nguy, CPD

Christopher Adams Phillips, CPD

Chicago Chapter

Theresa Lyn Allen, PE, CPD, LEED AP

Nicholas Anthony Capretta III, CPD

Jeff E. Cochran, CPD

Vicentiu David, CPD

Joseph Dinkel, PE, CPD

Jon Michael Franzese, CPD

April l. Ricketts, PE, CPD

Cleveland Chapter

Jonathan Stuart, CPD

Columbia Chapter

Justin J. Varco, CPD

Dallas/Ft. Worth Chapter

Stephen Burdett, PE, CPD

Greg H. Swafford, CPD

Eastern Michigan Chapter
Wiliam Grayzar, CPD

Pamela Devi Hartsell, CPD

Mark Dewayne Lamberson, CPD

Houston Chapter

Gerald Dwayne Harper, CPD

Steven W. Smith, CPD

Intermountain Chapter

Max Gandy, PE, CPD

Los Angeles Chapter

Nicholas C. Ekdahl, CPD

Kyu Lee, CPD

Shiucheung Cedric  Li, CPD

Junsu Rim, CPD

Zay Y. Soe, CPD

Wilson R. Soo Hoo, CPD

Members at Large

Noel K. Clary, PE, CPD

Michael McGaughey, CPD

Joseph Maher Yacoub, P.Eng, CPD

Minnesota Chapter

Bobbe Norenberg, PE, CPD

New Jersey Chapter

Carvas John, CPD

New York City Chapter

Christopher Leong, PE, CPD

Northern California Chapter

Roger Maurice Gravelle II, CPD

Alison Hall, PE, CPD

Omaha Chapter

Amy Jo Brummet, CPD

Orange County Chapter

Ryan Shaw, CPD

Overseas Chapter

Manoj Kumar Agarwal, CPD

Philadelphia Chapter

Keith Beidel, PE, CPD

Mathew Joseph Corsello, PE, CPD
Pittsburgh Chapter
Jerome W. Valenti, PE, CPD

Portland Chapter

Victoria U. Haynes, CPD

Raleigh Chapter

Jackie William Rhodes Jr., CPD

Richmond Chapter

Frances Franklin, PE, CPD

San Diego Chapter

Benny Sy, PE, CPD

Vincent Vegas, PE, CPD

San Francisco Chapter
Joelon D. Chinn, PE, CPD
Christopher Owen Clark, PE, CPD, LEED AP

Alex G. Rodriguez, CPD

Andrew Souza, CPD

Seattle Chapter

Simon Reynolds, CPD

Southwest Ohio Chapter

Brian C.  Fraley, CPD

William Stephen McCamey, CPD

Keith Anthony Schloemer, CPD

St. Louis Chapter

Patrick Garner, PE, CPD

Washington, D.C. Chapter

Stephen Kalach, PE, CPD, LEED BD+C

Bruce K. McCullough, CPD

Derek Eugene Wilson, CPD
Mark E. Wiersma, PE, CPD

West Coast Florida Chapter

Todd Alan Rebhan, CPD

Wisconsin Chapter

Harold W. Wodicka, PE, CPD


Noe Follain-Grisell, CPD

Gheorghe Hordoan, CPD