Online CPD practice tests

Are online CPD practice test available this year?

I thought once I was registered to take the test I could access them, but I cannot.

Any thoughts/info?


I am not aware of any online CPD Practice Tests but there is an upcoming series of webinars on the CPD examination.

Use the link you used to register AND PAY for the exam. there you will be able to buy practice test #2, 3 & 4 for $75 each. They have 30 questions each just like practice test #1 in the CPD review manual (2011) but they will only explain the answers you miss so get them all wrong for a full explanation. Also, you will not be able to take the same test again for free...another $75. So take it/them when you have time to go over it after you take it. Hopefully 10% of these tests won't be about PH factors like the Yellow book does.

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