Digital Badges

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Obtain your digital badge through ASPE!

Please complete the form below if you are interested in obtaining your digital badge(s) through ASPE. 

You will only be provided with credentials that ASPE awards. ex: we will not be issuing P.E. or LEED AP credentials as ASPE is not the issuer of those programs. 

To read more about digital badges please click here. There is no fee to you, the credential holder. This is a service ASPE is providing to credential holders.

Credential holders will only be granted access to digital badges by affirmatively letting ASPE know of their interest. We hope you'll participate in this unique opportunity to share your credentials! 

Down the road ASPE will issue a digital badge to retired CPDs, but at this time ASPE is not offering this badge.

Click here to download the digital badge(s) and read instructions on how to save them to your email signature.

Email for more information.

Please read: if you previously obtained a digital badge from ASPE and successfully recertified you DO NOT need to submit this form again. ASPE will update your digital badge record once the certification cycle has finished up. This can take up to 6 weeks after the cycle ends.

At this time ASPE is only offering credentials to active CPDs, CPDTs, and GPDs. If you select Retired CPD you will be notified when this option is available to you.
This number was provided to you in the informational email. Ex: 56789 or 456789 (numbers only)