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Congratulations to the newest CPDs!

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The list below is from the 2017 CPD Exam.

Name Chapter
Torvald Adolphson, CPD Central Texas
Stephen Akian, CPD Boston
Ahmed Ali, G.E., CPD Overseas
Ahmed Belal, CPD New York City
Robert Bernstein, CPD Chicago
Marianne Bjonnes, CPD Philadelphia
John Blair, CPD Denver
Donald  Bledsoe, CPD Atlanta
Kevin Brill, CPD Washington DC
Jeremy Busch, CPD Los Angeles
Byron Camargo, G.E., CPD Los Angeles
Claire Chamberlain, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Martin Cleworth, EIT, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Terry Collins, CPD Central Texas
Brian Croshal, P.E., LEED AP, CPD San Francisco
Jose DeHoyos, CPD Central Texas
Brian Determan, P.E., LEED AP, CPD Oklahoma
Sean Duffy, P.E., CPD Southwestern Ohio
Ronald Dutan, CPD New York City
Eugene Eidenzon, CPD Philadelphia
Vincent Favale, E.I.T., LEED AP BD+C, CPD New York City
Gary Foran, P.E., CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Anthony Furst, CPD, LEED AP Central Ohio
Jennifer Garlet, CPD
Jacob Garner, CPD Connecticut
Stephanie Ginter, CPD Central Texas
Amy Hadlow, P.E., CPD Atlanta
Richard Harlan, CPD San Francisco
Jonathan Hillman, CPD, P.E. Boston
Edward Hogue, CPD St. Louis
Bryan Hutton, CPD Oklahoma
Kareem Ibrahim, CPD Overseas
Jeffrey Jennings, CPD Philadelphia
Andres Jimenez, CPD, CFPS San Diego
Glenn Jones, CPD Central Texas
Robert Klein, CPD Connecticut
Jeffrey Kling, P.E., LEED AP, CPD Kansas City
John Kluber, P.E., CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Matthew Kovarek, G.E., CPD San Diego
Derek Main, CPD Buffalo-Niagara
Alberto Malats, P.E., LEED AP, CPD Washington DC
Jared Marble, CPD Boston
Kristian Merritt, CPD Atlanta
Aleksandar Milenkov, P.E., CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Reynaldo Miller, EI, CPD West Coast Florida
Michael Morder, P.E., CPD Washington DC
Salvatore Rachiele, CPD New York City
Gregory James Neary, P.E., CPD Baltimore
Christine Ray, CPD St. Louis
Robb Risani, CPD New York City
Karen Schulte, P.E., CPD Baltimore
Travis Smith, CPD
Stephen Soltis, CPD Pittsburgh
Brian Soskey, P.E., CPD Washington DC
Michael Stiles, CPD Johnstown
Brandon Stolp, CPD San Francisco
Gary Stroh, CPD Philadelphia
Zhong Sun, P.E., CPD Raleigh
Lucas Tabaczynski, CPD Western Michigan
Mike Tamagni, P.E., CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Broc Thiele, CPD Central Texas
Matthew Torres, CPD Orange County
Guillermo Triana, CPD Overseas
Frank Westhoff, PE, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Michael White, CPD Cleveland
David Williams, CPD Baltimore
George Wu, CPD New York City
George  Youssef, CPD Overseas