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Congratulations to the newest CPDs!

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The list below is from the 2019 CPD Exam.

Name Chapter
Ghassan Abu Sultanah, CPD Hampton Roads
Jason Adams, CPD Northern California
Robert Allen, P.E., CPD Baltimore
Rohit Apte, P.E., CPD New York City
Reza Bahador, CPD Atlanta
Neil Baker, G.E., CPD Central Ohio
Clark Baker, CPD Western Michigan
Steve Bales, CPD Central Indiana
Marcia Bartges, CPD West Coast Florida
Ryan Beard, CPD Raleigh
Scott  Beckord, CPD Chicago
Hannah Berger, CPD Orange County
Austin Boggs, CPD Denver
Shane Brant, CPD Pittsburgh
Michael Brotherson,  CPD, ASSE 6005, 6020 Omaha
Susanne Brown, CPD Seattle
Brent Carlson, CPD Minnesota
Sean  Carroll, P.E., CPD San Diego
Francisco Chaidez Leon, CPD San Diego
Gregory Champion, CPD Central Indiana
Bill Cheek, CPD Central Texas
George Clemenceau, EIT, CPD New York City
Andrew Cole, CPD Orange County
Liza Cusimano, CPD San Diego
Geoffrey Damico, CPD
Richard Davis, CPD Southwestern Ohio
Troy Dawes, CPD Los Angeles
David Desjardins, P.E., CPD Boston
Sarah Deunay, CPD Los Angeles
Jeffrey Diekemper, G.E., CPD St. Louis
Darko Dzeletovic, G.E., CPD New Jersey
Brian Evans, CPD Charlotte
Jay Ferrare, CPD Denver
Jonathan Fitzsimmons, CPD Central Ohio
Matthew Folkedahl, CPD Minnesota
Ian Frand, CPD Minnesota
Jeffrey Gallagher, CPD Chicago
Mostafa Ghanem, LEED AP BD+C, CPD Overseas
Francisco Gomez, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, CPD Central Texas
Patrick Hafner, CPD Connecticut
Gary Hanks, P.E., CPD Seattle
Artin Haroutunian, P.E., CPD Los Angeles
Lingxiao He, CPD San Francisco
Robert Healy, CPD Boston
Richard  Henry, CPD Central Ohio
Darren Horsfield, CPD Capital Region NY
Ian Huynh, CPD San Diego
Gerald Johnson, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Eric Jones, CPD Philadelphia
Hye Jin Kim, PE, CPD, LEED AP Orange County
Louis King, G.E., CPD New Orleans
Daniel Kingery, EIT, CPD Houston
David Knifton, P.E., CPD Los Angeles
Rhea  Lamoureux, CPD Connecticut
Brian Lawson, P.E., GPD, CPD Rochester
Aaron Lenchner, CPD Denver
Nicholas Lopilato, CPD New York City
Mihail Manofu, CPD Philadelphia
Yolanda Mashni, EIT, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Joseph  Mastroluca, EIT, CPD Connecticut
Mary Maxwell, CPD Central Ohio
Cheryl McDermott, CPD Portland
Sean McIntosh, CPD Eastern Michigan
Adam McKinley, CPD Johnstown
Jay Mehta, CPD Central Texas
Brian Mena-Gunn, CPD Central Texas
Timothy Morris, CPD
Anupam Nath, CPD
Zachary Nolan, CPD St. Louis
Moolchand Pariag, CPD Central Florida
Craig Parks, G.E., CPD Baltimore
Brenda Pesmark, P.E., CPD Eastern Michigan
Michael Phillips, P.E., LEED AP BD+C, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
Marc Pisarek, CPD Philadelphia
Joseph Rutledge, CPD Denver
Grace Sack, CPD Central New York
Thomas Sauro, CPD Boston
David Schlant, Jr., CPD Buffalo-Niagara
Laura Schulte, CPD Dallas/Ft. Worth
John Snell, CPD Seattle
Michael Spengler, P.E., CPD Central Ohio
Mark Spigarelli, CPD
Randy Stabnow, P.E., CPD Seattle
Tyler Stewart, P.E., CPD Minnesota
Emily  Strobridge, CPD Seattle
Stephen Sweeney, CPD
Dejan Tadic, CPD Washington DC
Robert Teifer, CPD Eastern Michigan
David Texter, CPD Southwestern Ohio
Michael Trinidad, P.E., CPD Boston
Billy Turcios, CPD Houston
Shawn Tyler, CPD Washington DC
Art Urroz, CPD Orange County
Christopher Vallo, P.E., CPD, LEED AP BD+C Southern Nevada
Israel Villanueva, CPD Member-At-Large
Tyler Watson, CPD Minnesota
Peter Weiss, P.E., LEED AP, CPD Capital Region NY
Christopher Wilson, P.E., CPD Washington DC
Christopher Winnie, P.E., CPD Chicago
Brandon Wolk, PE, CPD
Mengyang Wu, CPD Orange County
Zachary Young, CPD Phoenix
Rodolfo Zafra, G.E., CPD New York City
Ruoting Zhang, CPD San Francisco