Vol. 5, No. 4, February 23, 2012



ASPE Seeks Candidates to Run for the 2012–2014 Board of Directors

At the 2012 Business Meeting during the Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, ASPE chapter delegates will elect the 2012–2014 board of directors. The Nominating Committee is currently soliciting applications from members who are interested in helping the Society grow and prosper by running for one of the 12 officer positions. You can find information on the nomination process, as well as the application form, at the Members-only section of ASPE.org.


Instructor Needed for Online Plumbing Design Course

ASPE is working with UCLA Extension to develop an online plumbing systems design course, and we are looking for an instructor to prepare the course syllabus and content, manage the course, and teach the course online (with prior training by UCLA Extension). Since it is an online course, you do not have to live near UCLA. If you or someone you know is interested, contact UCLA Extension or Haig Demergian.


Show Off Your Excellence. Write for ASPE!

ASPE is working with our new partner TMB Publishing to provide technical system design articles to the plumbing community. Writing an article is an excellent way to showcase your skills to the 25,000 readers of Plumbing Engineer magazine. Possible topics include geothermal systems, healthcare (med gas and vacuum) systems, graywater systems, wastewater treatment systems, and backflow prevention. If you are interested in contributing an article, contact Gretchen Pienta.


ASPE New Jersey Chapter Raises Money and Hope for African Village

Working with Sonrise Missions, the ASPE New Jersey Chapter is raising funds to help the Village of Panzaala in northern Uganda drill new wells to provide a source of fresh water immediately within the village square as well as for irrigating a crop of alfalfa. From February through May the chapter will be soliciting donations from chapter members and affiliates, and they have raised more than $750 already. Read more about their efforts in the latest chapter newsletter.


Learn How to Identify Fire Sprinkler Plan Mistakes at Our March Webinar

The March ASPE webinar will teach participants how to identify common mistakes when reviewing fire protection system design drawings and submittal plans. Register now for this can’t-miss educational program being held March 21 at 2 p.m. EDT.


Sign Up for the CPD Review Webinar Series to Help Study for This Year’s Exam

As a supplement to your studies, ASPE is rebroadcasting the four-part CPD Review Webinar Series. If you purchase the entire series by March 29, you will receive a free copy of the CPD Review Manual (a $50 member value).


Last Chance to Nominate a Colleague for the ASPE College of Fellows

You have until March 1 to nominate an ASPE member for the Kenneth G. Wentink College of Fellows. More information about the program can be found here.


2012 Convention Call for Papers Deadline Is April 1

ASPE is taking submissions for technical sessions to be presented at the 2012 Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, North Carolina, October 27–31.  


Chapter Educational and Networking Opportunities

Do you want to mingle with and learn from your plumbing industry peers? Networking is the best way to keep abreast of local code changes, job opportunities, and other industry news, and ASPE chapters make it easy with monthly technical meetings, seminars, tours, golf outings, and more. Find upcoming events in your area online now!





















Celebrate World Plumbing Day on March 11

The World Plumbing Council initiated World Plumbing Day to recognize the important role plumbing plays in the health and safety of modern society. Visit worldplumbingday.org for more information on events being held around the world.


New Storm Water Discharge Permit Aims to Help Construction Sites Meet Requirements

The 2012 construction general permit, which is required under the Clean Water Act, was designed to help construction site operators meet restrictions on erosion and sediment control, pollution prevention, and stabilization.


Washington Clean Water Projects Benefit from State Funding

The Washington Department of Ecology has selected 58 clean water projects—including upgrades and expansion of sewer plants and collection systems, sewage system improvements, and water reuse facilities—to receive a share of $89 million in loans and grants.


Las Vegas Sprinkler Rule Comes with a Loophole

Las Vegas recently adopted the International Residential Code, which requires fire sprinklers in new homes, but the mandate won’t take effect until 10,000 building permits per year have been issued. Last year, only 4,000 building permits were issued.


Is Chloramine Responsible for Copper Pipe Leaks?

A Southern California developer is suing the Moulton Niguel Water District in Orange County, claiming that the chloramine used to treat the district’s water is causing pinhole leaks in copper piping installed in more than 400 homes.


Fiber Sewer Pipe Causing Big Problems in Minneapolis

Bituminous fiber pipe, which is still on the Minnesota approved building code list, used as sewer piping is causing huge headaches for homeowners due to its tendency to absorb water and be crushed or punctured by roots.


Combating the “Yuck” Factor

A New York Times article explores municipal efforts to reuse treated wastewater to supplement water supplies and how the public is responding.


Officials Remind Dentists of a Potential Source of Infection After Death

An 82-year-old Italian woman died after she contracted Legionnaires' disease from the water in her dentist's office, prompting officials to remind dentists to take the necessary precautions to protect their water lines from contamination.


NOAA Breaks Ground on New National Water Center

When completed next year, the National Water Center on The University of Alabama campus in Tuscaloosa will be the first-ever U.S. center for water forecast operations, research, and collaboration to strengthen forecasting capabilities for floods, droughts, and water quality.


U.S. Water Prize Winners Announced

The U.S. Water Prize recognizes achievements in watershed-based approaches toward water sustainability. The 2012 recipients are PepsiCo Frito-Lay, Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District, Philadelphia Water Department, Project WET Foundation, Salmon Falls Watershed Collaborative, and the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission.


USGBC Seeks Public Comments on LEED

The USGBC has announced that the third public comment period for the proposed 2012 update to its LEED green building program will open March 1. The comment period, which will close on March 20, marks the start of the LEED 2012 program delivery process.


Registration Is Open for the 2012 NFPA Conference & Expo

Being held June 11–14 in Las Vegas, this fire and life safety event will feature 130 educational sessions offering CEUs and a tradeshow of more than 360 exhibits.