Advanced Plumbing Technology II

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Advanced Plumbing Technology II

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This popular compendium of system design details for everything from water meters to specialty systems, originally written by Dr. Alfred Steele, PE, has been completely revised and updated for today's plumbing engineers. 

Chapters include:

    1. Preliminary Scope and Specifications
    2. Motors and Electrical Enclosures
    3. Water Heaters
    4. Water Meters
    5. Backflow Prevention Devices
    6. Valves
    7. Tanks
    8. Pumps
    9. Water Pressure Booster Systems
    10. Water Treatment
    11. Fire Protection Fundamentals
    12. High-Rise Plumbing Systems
    13. Site Drainage Systems
    14. Compressed Air Systems
    15. Vacuum Systems
    16. Healthcare Plumbing Systems
    17. Laboratory Gas and Vacuum Systems
    18. Fuel Gas Systems
    19. Special Waste Systems
    20. Green Plumbing 

Dr. Alfred Steele, P.E., CIPE
A long-time ASPE member and past President of the ASPE Research Foundation, Dr. Steele received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the City University of New York and a degree in Civil Engineering from Ohio Christian College. A licensed Professional Engineer, Dr. Steele spent over 44 years in the engineering field; his expertise included process piping plumbing and fire protection.

The late Dr. Steele was the author of three pioneering volumes on plumbing engineering: Engineering Plumbing Design, Advanced Plumbing Technology; and High-Rise Plumbing Design (now out of print).

Dr. Alfred Steele passed away in 1998.

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