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Once you are an approved provider, proceed here to generate certificates or here to renew your provider status.

The CEUs issued will be valid toward Certified in Plumbing Design (CPD) or Certified Plumbing Design Technician (CPDT) recertification. These courses are not approved for professional engineers and their licensure renewals. Thus, by becoming an approved ASPE CEU Provider your company can increase your visibility among the more than 1,000 plumbing engineers and designers who hold the CPD or CPDT designation. This program also will enhance the desirability of your company's educational program, since one of the main reasons professionals participate in such programs is the ability to obtain CEUs. Click here to read more on general subject matters that ASPE will consider to issue credit.

Have questions or need to submit documentation for consideration? Complete this form to notify ASPE staff for review.

The following fees will apply for the approval process effective May 1, 2016:

Application for Approval of Training Program 
(includes up to five training programs in the first year)

Two steps: 1) Click here to submit payment online then 2) visit this form to submit your application and information.
This is the only means of payment via credit card


Additional Reviews Due to Rejection


Renewal Registry Fee 
(includes up to five training programs annually)

Two steps: Complete this form to notify ASPE staff of updates or changes, then click here to submit your renewal fee.


Additional Training Programs (annual fee)
Click here to pay the additional fee 
then complete this form to notify ASPE staff of updates or changes.


Review of Changes to Training Program


Sample templates for your programs.

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