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Society Awards:

  • Kenneth G. Wentink College of Fellows (pdf)

    The American Society of Plumbing Engineers shall, each Convention year, honor a number of the Society’s membership to be recognized as a Kenneth G. Wentink Fellow. A Fellow shall be recognized as a Society member of established reputation who has made significant, sustained contributions to the plumbing engineering and design profession, the Society, and/or the plumbing industry in the areas of contracting and manufacturing. A member conferred as an ASPE Fellow shall retain the designation as a lifetime honor and shall be permitted to use the suffix FASPE (Fellow of the American Society of Plumbing Engineers) after his/her name.

  • George W. Runkle Award of Merit (pdf)

    The highest recognition presented by the Society, the Society Award of Merit, is named for the fourth ASPE President and is presented biennially, when merited, to an individual for his/her Dedication and Inspired Service to the Advancement of the Ideals and Goals of the Society. (Wording established in 1972.)

  • Distinguished Service Award (pdf)

    Presented to those individuals who have provided Dedication and Outstanding Contributions to the Society and the Profession.

  • ASPE Chapter Humanitarian Award (pdf)

    This award recognizes and honors an ASPE Chapter that has unselfishly given back to the local community and recognizes chapters for their altruism and benevolence. Chapters have a long tradition of providing volunteer services to their communities and for forging bonds and offering compassion on behalf of the Society. (Award approved by ASPE Board of Directors for first presentation in October 2004). Award reads: For Commitment, Service and Outstanding Contributions for Its Humanitarian Efforts and Public Service.

  • Donald F. Dickerson – Founder's Award (pdf)

    This award recognizes the lifetime achievements and dedication of an individual to promote ASPE and its mission. (Award approved by ASPE Board of Directors in October 2000.) It is to be presented to those individuals who have put in a lifetime’s effort (25 years minimum) into ASPE on the Society level. (Award is not to consider service at the chapter level.) Award reads: For His Lifetime Achievements, Dedication and the Promotion of the Society, Its Mission, and the Profession.

  • Industry Award (pdf)

    The Industry Award is presented biennially (since 1972), when merited, to a company for Outstanding Service to the Advancement of Plumbing Engineering Technology. (Wording established in 1972.)

  • Peter E. Warshaw Service Award (pdf)

    This award recognizes a distinct group of individuals who wholeheartedly support the Society—a group of individuals who believe in what the Society stands for and who are intimately involved with the membership. The award is to be geared toward the Affiliates or other members not otherwise eligible for other membership-type awards or for special recognition for service and support to the Society. (Award approved by ASPE Board of Directors for the first presentation in October 2004.) Award reads: For Dedication, Unflagging Spirit and Outstanding Support and Service Contributions on Behalf of the Society and the Profession.

  • Award of Merit (pdf)

    This award is presented to those individuals who have performed Outstanding and Meritorious Service to the Society and the Profession.

  • Special Award of Achievement (pdf)

    This award is bestowed on those individuals who have demonstrated a prominent commitment to the Society or to the plumbing engineering profession and have, in some unique way, helped advance the profession.

  • Special Certificate of Appreciation (pdf)

    This award is presented to those individuals who have Demonstrated Commitment and Dedication to the Growth and Prosperity of the Society.

  • Special Awards and Certificate of Appreciation (pdf)

    The Society presents, biennially (to be given at the Convention), special awards, certificates of appreciation, and gifts to individuals who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment and dedication to the Society and the profession. In 1996, the Society incorporated a group of uniformly named Special Award presentations. However, a Special Award for other than the named awards may also be given.

  • Kenneth G. Wentink Award of Excellence (pdf)

    The 2006–2008 ASPE Board of Directors created this award for the purpose of being able to honor individuals and staff who have worked unselfishly for and on behalf of the Society, with little fanfare and often with minimal visibility to the leadership and members of the Society.

  • Board of Directors Chapter Award (pdf)

    The Board of Directors Chapter Award, formerly known as the Director's Award, is presented biennially at the Convention, in recognition of the best single chapter activity or accomplishment during the past two years, chosen from among the chapters that have been recognized with the Director’s Award during that time. The Board of Directors Chapter Award is selected by the entire Board of Directors.

  • Chapter Award of Merit (pdf)

    ASPE’s annual Chapter Award of Merit is presented to recognize extraordinary contributions made by the Chapters on behalf of the Society. The requirements to receive this award recently changed, and it is now more difficult to achieve. The intent of the changes was to encourage Chapters to be more involved in their local communities and reach out to the future designers and engineers of our profession.

  • Membership Growth Award (pdf)

    The Membership Growth Award is given in two categories: (1) to chapters with members up to 99 (as of the start of the year) and (2) to chapters with members over 100. The award is presented annually, at the Convention in the even-numbered years and at the Technical Symposium in the odd-numbered years. The award is made to the three (3) chapters in each category with the highest percentage growth.

  • Membership Retention Award (pdf)

    The Retention Award is presented annually, at the Convention in the even-numbered years and at the Technical Symposium in the odd-numbered years, and is given to those chapters that attain 90 percent or greater membership retention.

  • Exposition Awards (pdf)

    Prior to 1980, a certificate was given to the ten (10) booths judged the best by a group of ASPE judges. In 1980, this was changed to five (5) booths and a plaque given to each company. In 1987, the requirement was changed to allow the award to “no more than five (5) companies.”

Honor Roll of Employers Award (pdf)

The ASPE Honor Roll of Employers is a unique program of recognition for organizations that provide substantive support for their employees’ participation and involvement in ASPE programs.

Research Foundation Award (pdf)

Hundreds of ASPE members have made donations to the Research Foundation, many through the dues checkoff program on the ASPE dues invoice. To every one of these donors, the Research Foundation says thank you. In addition, a number of chapters, individuals, and companies have given significantly large donations to the RF. To recognize these individuals organizations and, hopefully, continue to encourage donations, the RF recognizes these contributors with special awards of appreciation.