How a Fellow is Selected


How a Fellow is Selected

In selecting Fellows, the Fellows Section Committee shall evaluate the SIGNIFICANT and EXCPTIONAL contributions of each nominee. Emphasis shall be given to service to ASPE Society. Other criteria to be considered shall include, but not limited to: ASPE chapter and Society growth; ASPE chapter and Society leadership; technical and practical research in the field of engineering with emphasis on plumbing engineering and design; engineering technical accomplishments by or for ASPE or other related organizations (as evidenced by publications, awards or similar); intellectual and leadership contributions in the advancement of Education programs for the professions and industry; championing and adoption of local, state or federal legislations, including codes; advancements and contributions in the theory or practice of plumbing engineering, design, contracting or manufacturing, including education and academia.

The selection process is NOT a popularity contest. The consideration for each candidate shall be judged on each individual’s nomination and reference information without any consideration to any other candidate under consideration. No one criteria or group of criteria shall govern the selection process to the exclusion of any other, with the exception of service to ASPE Society The Selection Committee shall decide what weight to give each criterion based on the information provided.

This reference is basically a letter of support for the Fellow candidate and is generally the most important input to the committee’s assessment. A perfunctory endorsement is not helpful to the Committee no matter how distinguished the reference individual.

To be effective, this reference should describe the nominee’s specific accomplishments, and their impact, based on the reference’s personal knowledge. References should support the principal points made in the nominator’s narrative recommendation, or other points with which the nominator is not familiar. To be most helpful to the Committee, statements asserting the importance of a particular accomplishment or piece of work should include an informative explanation of why it is influential. These should be as specific as possible and should convincingly attest to the influence and effect of the nominee’s work in plumbing engineering and design and his/her promotion profession or plumbing industry

The most effective references of support or supportive narrative are direct, but specific. Assertions about the importance of a particular accomplishment should be accompanied by evidence of its impact, where possible. On the other hand, overly expansive discussions tend to detract from the persuasiveness of a letter in any case; each letter of support is limited to two pages. Especially helpful to the Committee are those references that are carefully crafted and allow the Committee to focus on substantial contributions of the nominee.


Reference Checklist

  • Does your reference letter address and demonstrate that the candidate meets those criteria in the categories selected by the Nominator?
  • Does your reference letter address significant and exceptional contributions to the plumbing engineering and design profession, the Society, or to the plumbing industry?
  • Did the Nominator's package contain the Nominator Form and three (3) reference letters?
  • Are the Nominator and the References members of ASPE?
  • Has the Nominee Been a member of ASPE for 20 years?

Program Committee Evaluation of Categories

  • Based on the information in the Nominator’s form, are the categories selected by the Nominator appropriate for the nominee?
  • Do the contributions DISTINGUISH the nominee from their peers?
  • Category # 6 is mandatory.
  • Categories # 2, 3 and 4 most likely would not be a PE or CPD.

Click here for the list and description of the catagories.