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 December  2011

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  • Environmental Aspects of Plumbing
    Richard J. Prospal
    This two-part series was written to foster awareness of the role that the plumbing community plays in developing, promoting, and installing energy-efficient products and renewable systems to provide sustainable heating, safe drinking water, and sanitation to the world. Among the topics and issues discussed in this feature and the second part to be published in the January/February 2012 issue are water supplies, sanitation, and renewable energy systems.
  • The Global Construction Industry
    Ted Garcia
    In spite of what is currently reported on the news about the present global economy and the global construction industry, the medium and long-term outlooks for this hard-hit industry actually look bright. The author explains which sectors and markets will be experiencing growth in the coming years and highlights emerging markets around the world.

  • The specification is the most important tool a plumbing engineer has when helping a client choose a contractor for a water treatment system. From his numerous years in the water treatment industry, the author explains how to write a detailed and fully engineered specification to secure the best available solution.

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