Energy Relationships with Water Heaters and Boilers — Part 1

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Energy Relationships with
Water Heaters and Boilers — Part 1*

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Energy, efficiency, system design, and troubleshooting are all part of this presentation, primarily dealing with efficiency and how high efficiency is achieved in boilers and water heaters. The session teaches the attendee how to operate equipment for a long, safe life. It helps explain the science of equipment placement in a building and other variables. Discussions on heat transfer capabilities, resistance to oxidants, and open and closed systems are only some of the topics that will be presented. Attendees will learn about designs that safe, simple, reliable, and efficient.

Robert Witt, CPD attended Northern Illinois University and Elmhurst Business College before moving to Atlanta for Teledyne Laars in 1983. He was a training tech for 13 Midwest states and has been in the low mass copper boiler industry ever since. In 2001 he moved to Mestek Inc. as Southeastern Regional Manager and North America Training Coordinator. In 1986 he joined ASPE and has been active in the ASPE Atlanta Chapter; he is currently VP of Education on the Atlanta Chapter Board. Mr. Witt has been in the construction industry for his entire career, from contracting, rehabilitation construction specialist, historic renovator and even building commissioner. Having over 40 years experience with copper boilers and their application, he is well versed in combustion and LEEDS protocol. He had a front row seat in the market development of the FeCrAlY {woven mesh} burner used in many of the industry’s high efficiency products today. Currently, he works with RBI product support, development, sales and training.

*This is the actual educational presentation as it was presented at the 2008 ASPE Convention in Long Beach, CA.


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