2018 CPD Exam Open Book FAQs

The 2018 CPD Exam is open book. Candidates can bring in up to six (6) reference materials that are commercially printed or produced only. Review material that you receive, such as in a study group, that are bound by a local printer or by your own means are not permitted. Loose notes within a book are not permitted. The books can include:

  • Handwritten notes on the pages
  • Highlighting within the pages

Here are some common questions and answers.

What books and/or manuals are approved? There is no list of approved or disallowed books. 

What books and/or manuals do you recommend? There is no recommended list, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Can I bring in a notebook with my handwritten notes? No.

Can my books have "stickies" or tabs placed within them for quick reference? No.

Can I bring in a three ringed binder with printed out notes? No.

Are loose notes within the books allowed? No.

Can I have my electronic version of a book printed out and bound by a printer? No. Only traditionally hard or soft covered books are allowed into the testing center.

Are CD-ROMs or similar digital materials allowed into the testing center? No.

In the past, ASPE provided an appendix of formulas that was sent to the testing center for candidate use during the exam. Is this being provided? No. Candidates are not being provided with a printed appendix.

But I've purchased an electronic version of the CPD Review Manual but I can't bring that into the testing center. What are my options? Email ralbrecht@aspe.org or certification@aspe.org and we will provide a discount code if you've previously purchased an electronic copy of the CPD Review Manual. This will provide you with an option to have a traditionally bound book with you during the exam.

What books and publications are available for purchase? Click here to visit the ASPE bookstore.**


Want to know what to study? ASPE recommends the following materials. **If a publication is not in stock reach out to your local chapter's President or Vice President Membership to inquire if any members can lend you their copies.

Questions? Email or call us at certification@aspe.org or 224-217-9016.