State List of Codes and Contacts


Following up on Region 1 Director's request for feedback./info...

1.  In the NYS, the family of building codes are known as the NYS Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (unrelated to the UPC or IAPMO).  The legal body that approves the family of building codes is the NYS is the State Fire Prevention and Building Code Council (Code Council).  The NYS Codes apply across NYS (hence the 'Uniform' Code), except in NYC.  NYC has recently adopted the ICC family of codes with NYC enhansements.  The NYS Energy Code is based on the IEC and applies accross the State including NYC.

2.  The Plumbing Code of New York State (PC) is based on the IPC.  There are NYS modifications/enhansements.  The 2010 PC will be effective 12/28/10.  NYS is currently intransition to this updated Code.  The 2010 PC is based on the 2006 IPC.  The current (2007) PC is based on the 2003 IPC. 

3.  As noted in 1 above, the PC has enhancements/modifications.  Additionally, municipalities can petition the NYS Code Council for More Restrictive Local Standards (MRLS).  Approved MRLSs can be viewed at NYS's Department of State's website.

4.  Each municipality enforces the Code for its jurisdiction.  There are several NYS Agencies that enforce the Code for projects where NYS is the project owner.  Most cities and towns in NYS have websites that list the chief building inspectors.  A list of all the Code Enforcement Officials in NYS can been seen at: